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We work in partnership with schools, either by bringing excitement to the curriculum for pupils, or working directly with staff for professional development - we can do this through individual workshops, after-school sessions or on a more permanent basis



Staff Workshops: 


The full day, half day and twilight workshops cover a great range of subjects in the curriculum. The practical-based, creative activities in each workshop reinforce curriculum topics but can also be easily adapted to any other themes allowing you the teacher to build a ‘toolkit’ of activities to suit a range of topics throughout the year. 


Here are some examples of the practical-based activities from our Staff Workshops:  


Science: Solids, liquids and gases 

Dynamic dance activity - students explore the physical properties of solids, liquids and gases. Pupils learn about the changing states whilst promoting creativity and teamwork in English as well as developing their focus and concentration. 


English: Grammar, Storytelling and Creative Writing

Learn a call-and-response song - taught in an innovative way to engage the students and spark imagination. The children use their memory skills to re-tell the story in the song. They develop their English competency through stories whilst developing their pitch and musical awareness. 


Maths: Subtraction 

Learn an energetic subtraction game - engaging children at the start of any Maths lesson. The students will be learning sequences of movements whilst co-ordinating actions and working as a team. 


We can also design bespoke workshops to suit your schools individual needs if perhaps you need help with a specific area of the curriculum? It might be helpful to focus on a particular theme such as ‘differentiation’ or ‘challenging pupils’. Please get in contact to discuss specifics and prices further with a member of our team. 


Pupil Workshops:


Our pupil full day and pupil half day workshops are exciting, educational and innovative! The school chooses a theme such as ‘poetry’, ‘fairytales’ or ‘musicals’, then we devise a bespoke workshop tailor made for your students in English using drama, music and dance. If the school wishes, the day can result in a performance by pupils to other pupils, family members or friends of the school. The emphasis will be on developing English, building confidence and working together as a team.


Weekly provision:


If you would like more permanent ongoing support, we can work with your school for one day per week throughout the term. This could be directly with pupils or working with teachers and their classes together, for Continued Professional Development (CPD). 

Depending on your schools size, we could work with a number of classes, or the whole school throughout the day. Please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss this option further.

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