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Face 2 Face offers a variety of tailor-made courses for teachers of all levels, from beginner to advanced, and all grades from escuela infantil to bachillerato and university level. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. 

Build a tool kit of ideas using music, drama and dance that can be used in English lessons and adapted to many topics.
Strengthen your English and 
get the best out of your students

Courses specially designed for non-specialist teachers who are taking part of a PROYECTO BILINGUE. These workshops are totally practical and help teachers build confidence as well as their communicating skills.

Learn creative strategies to manage behaviour in class 



Children learn best in a positive, expressive, stimulating environment. Learn creative strategies to manage the most challenging behaviour in class through rhythmic body percussions or fun sing-back chants. Performance work fosters all the skills needed to be a good listener, a team player, and a creative thinker. 


  • Creative Staff Training Days
  • Twilight Staff Workshops
  • Pupil Workshops

Can you sing the past participle?

Dance algebra?

Or act out the movements of the





At Face 2 Face we are continuously looking for new ways to improve students' grasp of the English language, which is why we are designing a teacher training programme based on what we have learned in these 15 years of serving Spanish schools: children learn best when they are having fun!

Understand the key components of successful English lessons 

When lessons are participatory and active, children can really engage in their learning. We can help to create lesson plans that are connected and relevant to our learners.  The structure of lessons is key - how can we instantly capture imagination, progress learning and ideas and finally, conclude and consolidate?

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